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 Looking for wedding car hire in Adelaide? Old, vintage, classical wedding car?

You can hire one or two elegant BENTLEY MK6 - the matching pair in silver and black combination.

Our Vintage Bentley MK6 cars have been used for weddings for more than 20 years.
They are ideal for bridal carriage due to their large rear passenger cabin area.
Each car accommodates four passengers and chauffeur.
The interior has all the luxury refinements one would expect of Bentley.
Both wedding cars are stylish cars with character & personalities....
We refer to them as two old English ladies “Adelka” and “Lilly”.
Wedding car Adelka was manufactured in 1948 and her sister Lilly was made in 1949.

Your wedding day may be the only time you travel in a vintage BENTLEY.

HISTORY of famous luxurious brand Bentley:

The Bentley motor factory was established by Walter Owen Bentley in 1919 in England. In 1921 the first model of Bentley with 3 litre engine was released from Bentley Motors. Many larger cars followed after. The Bentley cars started to compete at Le Mans competitions and earned the status of fast motorcars among British sports car enthusiasts. The Bentley on those days was very popular luxurious car. In 1931 the Bentley brand was sold to Rolls-Royce due to financial difficulties.
The first new co-branded 3 ½ litre Bentley came out in 1933. This model was based on Rolls-Royce designed chassis. Under Roll-Royce banner the Bentleys slowly slid into anonymity and were nothing more than rebadged Rolls-Royce. It took another 50 years until the Bentley brand image and sales of Bentleys increased. In 1998 BMW began supplying engines to Bentleys.

Since 2003 ultra luxury car status was reinstalled again for this famous brand.